Premium fund advising and financial Consultancy group

  • Term Loans for projects,
  • Working Capital Loans,
  • Overseas Funding
  • NPA Financing solutions for Corporate etc. across India.

Who We Are?

We are one of the premier fund advising and financial consultancy group, not any Bank or NBFC, Core Stone Funds is one of the leading energetic group in India. Who provide best financial services from private investors, funders & other sources for new and existing businesses by ways of -:
• Term Loans for projects,
• Working Capital Loans,
• Overseas Funding
• NPA Financing solutions for Corporate etc. across the India.

We have professionally managed team which provides best Financing solutions.

Our team consists of experienced & seasoned finance professionals, retired Bankers, Legal & Insurance experts who have got wide banking, Industrial & Insurance experience. We have excellent relations with most of Private Investors & other sources to raise the funds for our esteemed clients.
Catering to a very large section of corporate houses with an exhaustive array of financial services and in the last decade or so, we have earned quiet a reputation as Debt Financing, Private Equity, Project Financing Consulting Company among our
satisfied clients. Our umbrella services under Projects Consultation include Project Feasibility study, project Financing, Project implementation by arranging finance for Corporate, Businessmen, Traders and Exporters etc. You can navigate through our list of financial services.


The Organization’s design identity & business strategies have been structured to meet the following challenge -:

We have the expertise and know-how to steer our clients from roughest of weathers. In other words, we can undertake even those debt funding which might have been refused by most of the other in the market.

Fluctuating market base


Quality of service

Social responsiveness

Mr. Aryan Sharma (COO)

Mr. Aryan Sharma is a Qualified Cost Accountant and Chartered Accountant as well as a commerce graduate and is heading the operations of Core Stone Funds with his rich Experience and Academic Knowledge in Compliances.

Mr. Shiva (Managing Director)

Mr. Shiva is professionally qualified and has rich experience in the same line of activity. He is the key person looking after business strategy of the Company from inception planning and execution.


Project Appraisal

Structured Finance and Syndication

Infrastructure Project finance Advisory

Debt & Equity Syndication

NPA Account Funding

Bank Rejected Case Funding

Know more about Private Market Investment!

Private market investments are capital investments that are not publicly traded on an exchange. There is a market for the whole capital structure, ranging from secured debt to equity in private companies. Private market investments differ from publicly traded securities in the following respects:

  • Angel investing and First Cheques

  • Investing opportunities in Post-series A

  • Secondary Opportunities into Soon-icons and Unicorn

  • Secondary opportunity – Late-stage tech funds

  • Investment opportunity – SPVs both onshore and offshore
  • Exclusive mandates on KEY Primaries.
  • Secondary buy into closed-ended AIFs

The following steps are involved in getting the investments done:

  • Mandate between Core Stone Funds & Client valid for 12 months.
  • Almost 60 – 100 investors are approached and connected and a presentation is given by our expert team convincing them to invest in your business.
  • Once interest is received, an alternate of 5 investors is kept and finalised.
  • The Project is to be inspected by the Investor’s Supervisor to make sure that the project is genuine and not a scam.
  • Once investor and client are convinced and ready to go ahead with all necessary documentation etc. The 50% of Services charges are to be paid by the client to us.
  • The required investment is done along with stake transfer as per the investment document and valuation.
  • Balance Service charges are to be paid by the client to Core Stone Funds.

Project Advisory and Structured Finance (PA & SF) group is focused on providing advisory and fund arranging services across sectors like:

  • Aviation
  • Cement & Construction
  • Energy: Power,
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Health Care – hospitals, pharma Education
  • Oil & Petroleum
  • Chemicals
  • Hotel
  • Multiplexes
  • Paper
  • SEZ
  • Shipping mines
  • Steel, Metals, Aluminium
  • Telecom
  • Textile
  • Transportation: Roads, Ports, Airport
  • Shipping and Mass Transport.
  • Urban Infrastructure

Core Stone Funds:-

is here to help you for growing your business. We have a lobby of investors who are looking to invest from Rs.10 cr. to Rs. 10000 cr. across globe covering India, Asia, UK, and the USA.

These investors are Pension funds, family offices, HNI’S and some sector-specific Funds.

We conduct our due diligence and prepare the investors pitch, project report and present the same to our lobby of investors, once interest is shown we share further details. All logistics have to be taken care of by the client.

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